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Seafront Site For Palace of Congress

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Seafront Site For Palace of Congress

The project to develop the new Palace of Congress in Arrecife has moved a step closer to becoming reality, with the Department of Coastlines in the Canaries giving their approval for the probable siting of the building between the Playa del Reducto and the Baja del Camello in Lanzarote´s capital.

The consent to place the avantgarde building close to the waters edge was an essential stage in the process of the project getting underway. The winning design of the building was produced by local architect Carlos Morales and the Henning Larsing architectural practice.

There was no hesitation in awarding approval for the construction of this new landmark in Arrecife, as the land that will most likely be used is not considered an area in need of protection under the Coastal Law, especially as the ground has lost its natural characteristics as a beach already.

Permission for use of land lying next to the coastline is essential, as several buildings in Lanzarote have already fallen foul of the law and have been closed down as a result.

The winning design was selected on the basis of its originality, versatility, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and proposed budget. The next stage in the process will be to secure the finance required for the construction of the Palace of Congress, something which the councillor for urban development, Pedro de Armas, is keen to see happen as soon as possible.

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