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Low Cost Flight Extras Add 44% To Price

Friday April 22, 2011

Low Cost Flight Extras Add 44% To Price

Ever wondered why the cost of your cheap Lanzarote flights always works out more expensive than the advertised price? Low cost airlines are hiking their ticket prices by up to 44% with the addition of extras, such as baggage check in and fees for card payments. According to an extensive survey recently conducted by price comparison website Kelkoo. Yet they still manage to remain some 33% cheaper than traditional airlines. With extra charges in the UK working out as amongst the highest in Europe.

The Kelkoo report conducted by analysts RDC Aviation investigated 5000 airfares on 20 different airlines at 129 airports across Europe. With analysis taking place on different departure dates, whilst taking account of ticket class, the booking lead time and the time of year. Based on a single adult checking in online with one bag and paying by visa.

The survey revealed that on average these additional fees can add 37% to the initial ticket price, rising as high as 44%. With the highest charges levied in Italy (45%) followed by the UK (38%). However the survey also found that the savings offered by budget airlines remain much greater than those available with conventional carriers. With budget airline ticket prices working out at 33% cheaper on average.

According to a Kelkoo spokesperson; There has been an increasing trend in recent years for airlines to offer a base price which excludes many of the extras that they used to include in their fares, such as costs to check baggage, assign a seat, and pay by credit card. Nowadays, these ancillary charges can often form a substantial proportion of the total cost of flying and there is a misconception among consumers that the prices advertised by low cost carriers can be misleading and work out more expensive than those offered by conventional airlines once all these costs are factored in. The fact is that low cost carriers remain a third cheaper than traditional airlines, despite the significant charges they levy on their passengers.

With summer holidays round the corner, travellers should look to compare prices not just between low cost and traditional airlines, but also between specific carriers as there are substantial savings to be made by shopping around. With online travel bookings across Europe set to account for 35% of the total travel market in 2011 and predicted to be worth £73.7 billion, the internet has become an essential way of searching for the best prices. Travellers should also think about when they are planning to make their booking, as booking nine weeks in advance can save consumers an additional 12% on the price of a ticket when compared to booking seven weeks before.

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