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German Tourist Arrivals Rise Again in March

Monday May 9, 2011

German Tourist Arrivals Rise Again in March

German tourist arrivals soared by 57% during March, according to the latest data just released by ISTAC, the Canarian Institute of Statistics. Building on impressive February figures when passenger numbers from that country also climbed by 65.5%. As the total number of foreign tourists arriving on flights to Lanzarote from across Europe climbed by 16.86% versus March 2010 figures.

Arrivals from Germany, Lanzarote´s second largest tourist market, climbed by 57.2% last month. As the island continued to benefit from the knock on effect of the recent crisis in the Middle East. Which has forced many tourists to book their holidays in alternative destinations such as the Canary Islands.

British tourism also showed positive growth, up by 6.4% with a total of 80,242 arrivals. But the Irish market retracted by 8%, whilst Spanish tourist numbers fell by 19%.

Tourist numbers from the key Scandinavian market of Sweden also grew substantially last month, up by 31.9% to a total of 7747 arrivals. Establishing the Swedes as Lanzarote´s fourth largest market after the UK, Germany and Eire. With Norway (6289 arrivals) and Holland (4207 arrivals) following in fifth and sixth place respectively.

Lanzarote has now welcomed a total of 431,071 foreign tourists during the three months of 2011. An increase of 13.44% versus the same period in 2010 and the best first quarter performance since 2008. British tourists account for nearly 50% of this total, with 201,714 passengers. Whilst German arrivals total 102,881 passengers.

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