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Mobile Musicians At Teguise Market

Friday May 20, 2011

Mobile Musicians At Teguise Market

A new group of mobile Canarian musicians are set to enliven the market in Teguise from this Sunday. The introduction of traditional music is part of an initiative undertaken by the local council to make the market more attractive to visitors. Which also includes the addition of a new bird and snake show in the Plaza Canaria.

The group of musicians will weave their way through the crowds and the stalls in the centre of the town from 11.00 onwards, playing a range of Canarian folklore songs as they go. The Mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, also plans to have agricultural demonstrations taking place each weekend, with farm workers arriving in the Plaza Canaria, accompanied by a donkey, to thresh grains and toast corn seeds in the traditional manner of the Canary Islands.

For younger visitors, a new avian and snake show is arranged to take place at 12.00, also in the Plaza Canaria, with an exhibition of birds of prey and serpents. Donkey rides and a small children's park will be organized in the area close to the windmill, in the centre of Teguise.

Betancort's plans to revitalise the market aim to make the Plaza Canaria a daily focal point for locals as well, with the opportunity to buy local produce such as homemade deserts and local cheeses extended beyond the weekly Sunday market.

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