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Beach Front Apartments Finally Habitable

Wednesday June 1, 2011

Beach Front Apartments Finally Habitable

The green light has finally been given for the owners of the apartments overlooking Playa El Reducto in Arrecife to occupy their properties. This imposing block of 162 luxury flats was constructed some six years ago, with many of the units being sold off-plan before work even started.

However, due to a number of complications, the apartments were lacking the necessary documentation to make them habitable until now. Without these 'cedulas de habitabilidad' it has not been possible for the water and electricity boards to connect their services. Making it imposible for the owners to move in.

The councillor for Urban Development at the Ayuntamiento of Arrecife, Pedro de Armas, yesterday signed the paperwork permitting this final stage of the project to get underway.

The 162 apartments in the block have one of the best locations in Arrecife, with uninterrupted views across the beach and towards the Parque de las Islas Canarias. They were constructed by the development company Siglo XX1 and were finished two and a half years ago but due to the lack of requisite documentation have remained unoccupied until now.

During construction there were also delays caused by a serious accident on the building site, when two workers were killed by a crane falling over.

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