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Monarch Lift Debit Card Charges

Friday June 3, 2011

Monarch Lift Debit Card Charges

Low cost operator Monarch became the first airline to abandon charges on bookings made by debit cards yesterday. In a move that will save tourists booking flights to Lanzarote with the airline 3.5% of the total cost of their tickets.

Monarch airlines yesterday abandoned the contentious policy of charging customers an additional fee of 3.5% when booking tickets by debit card. Making them the first airline to make no charge for debit card bookings whatsoever.

Their move comes against the backdrop of growing pressure from the general public and consumer rights groups such as Which? to force companies to stop making unreasonable charges on debit card payments. An issue which is also being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading in the UK. Not least as it costs companies just pennies to process these payments.

This practice has become widespread and now extends way beyond just the budget airline sector alone. Previously Monarch had charged 3.5% of the total booking or a minimum fee of £2.49. But this has now been waived as the airline attempts to provide upfront, simple and transparent charging for customers.

Whilst Monarch has abandoned debit card fees however they have also simultaneously raised the charge for payment made by credit card to a minimum of £10. Monarch's initiative now puts pressure on other airlines to follow suit. As operators such as Ryanair currently charge a fee of £6 each way on debit card bookings.

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