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La Graciosa Goes Green

Monday June 6, 2011

La Graciosa Goes Green

Following the recent announcement that the island of El Hierro plans to be energy self-sufficient by 2015, the island of La Graciosa also intends to produce all its power with renewable energy. This would make the 'eighth island' in the Canaries not only independent of fossil fuels but in addition would end its dependency on Lanzarote for electricity.

A new study has been given the go ahead by the Government of the Canaries, the Ministry of Industry and the Council for the Environment to investigate the best means of implementing this project. The first step in moving towards a greener future involves an analysis of the demand for energy on the island and an environmental impact study.

The likely configuration of renewable energy sources will be extensive use of solar panels and wind turbines. Data is already being collected at the meteorological station on La Graciosa to help determine the amount of solar radiation and wind speeds that the island currently enjoys with a view to using this information for the project.

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