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Monarch Announce Mile High Wi Fi

Wednesday June 15, 2011

Monarch Announce Mile High Wi Fi

Monarch airlines have just announced their intention to become the first British carrier to offer in flight internet services. As the company seeks to turn up the heat on low cost competitors Ryanair and easy Jet. With plans to roll out mile high wi-fi across their fleet by summer 2012.

Monarch airlines intend to offer passengers on flights to Lanzarote and all other destinations the option to access wi fi internet services at 35,000 feet by summer 2012. As the airline bids to transform itself into a genuine competitor to low cost airlines such as easyJet. A move that was initially signaled last week as the company announced their intention to waive debit card charges on all bookings - a move viewed within the industry as a deliberate side wipe at Ryanair.

Monarch's chief executive Conrad Clifford is negotiating with a number of wi fi specialists to install in flight internet browsing by next summer. A process which will involve engineers spending up to a week per plane to install base stations that will then bounce signals off satellites orbiting the earth.

Monarch passengers will be able to choose from a number of in flight browsing options, ranging from full connections to free services. With the latter likely to be funded by tie-ups with corporate partners such as hotel and car hire companies. Enabling tourists to book these services in flight for the first time.

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