news from the island

Wednesday June 7, 2017News

COCK UP Sex Toy Story Runs In The Sun

The Sun is mistakenly claiming that outraged local politicians on Lanzarote are planning a clampdown on 'randy British tourists'.....

Monday June 5, 2017News

SICK NOTE Spanish Hotels Lose Patience With UK Health Scam

The number of British tourists making false claims on their travel insurance has reached epidemic proportions, according to Spanish hoteliers.....

Wednesday May 31, 2017News

TUNE UP Last Tickets On Sale For Liquid Sounds

The annual Liquid Sounds festival reaches its finale on June 10th with a blow-out bash at the La Geria bodega.....

Tuesday May 30, 2017News

PRETTY VACANT No Room For SAS in Local Hotels

Hoteliers in the Canary Islands have ridiculed claims in the UK tabloid media that SAS trained guards are being sent to Spain to protect British holidaymakers.

Friday May 26, 2017News

TIMANFAYA SPRING Water Reserves Discovered In Volcano Park

A massive natural water deposit, equivalent to 70% of the island´s annual consumption, has been discovered beneath the surface at Timanfaya....