With its unspoilt stretch of sand, decent facilities and a large choice of sea front restaurants Arrieta offers an excellent alternative to the major resorts on Lanzarote for anyone planning a day at the beach.

Arrieta - Jewel of the North

Arrieta is situated on the south-eastern coast of the island, approximately 30 kilometres to the north of Arrecife.

The coast here is protected by the spurs that form the Peñas del Chache massif, which is the highest point of the island, reaching 671 metres. Making a stunning backdrop to the beach and the town as well as creating a pleasant micro-climate for holiday-makers.

The beach here - Playa La Garita – is gently shelving and has fine golden sand, which makes it ideal for paddling. So much so that it has been awarded a Blue Flag. At certain times of the year, when for instance the Spring high tide occurs, it can also boast fine enough waves for the local surfing community to make a beeline for La Garita.

And during the winter months, the beach extends itself as the sea drags away all the rocks that divide it in the middle, so that a good stretch of two kilometres of sand is exposed.


Carry On Camping

The further end of the beach at Playa La Garita is very popular with locals who like to go camping. But it is a particular kind of camping here - normally involving a campervan, mobile home or similar.

Camping with a tent is strictly prohibited. Families will turn up for Easter week or a long weekend with enough equipment to furnish a new house, showing their resourcefulness at creating windbreaks and al fresco outdoor eating areas.

Eat By The Ocean

Playa La Garita also boasts two restaurants. The kiosk at Chiringo Beach is perennially popular  - a reflection of the excellent food and inexpensive prices, with tapas of boquerones (white anchovies in vinaigrette), churros (deep fried battered pieces of fish), albondigas (meatballs) and a delicious paella every weekend being amongst the best to choose from.

A few seconds stroll away sits Restaurant Casa de la Playa, which is open for both lunch and dinner. With a large terrace overlooking the beach it is a great place to while away the afternoon. The menu offers a selection of fresh fish dishes.

Village Restaurants

Within the village itself there are several other restaurants which are excellent for fresh fish. Along the main street, Calle La Garita, there are three eateries, El Amanecer, Los Pescaditos and La Nasa. All of which have balconies at the back that overlook the waves as they crash onto the volcanic rocks.

And along the small harbour which juts out into the sea, there´s a further restaurant – El Charcon – with seating overlooking the water. The main street is also home to one of the village's two supermarkets, a small bakery-café and a bric-a-brac shop which stocks jewellery, Indonesian wooden furniture and clothing.


The Blue House

Around the corner from the harbour is a curious oddity - a house that doesnt conform to the strict building laws which exist here - as it is neither built of white plastered walls nor volcanic stone.

In fact it boasts an exterior of blue tiles and red bricks, and looks as if it has been constructed with extra large lego. It is known as Casa Juanita or simply the Blue House. And sits atop another small bit of beach.

Close to the roundabout which sports one of Cesar Manrique´s wind toys is the garage and general hardware shop-cum-supermarket. Which stocks everything from cement mixers to smoked salmon and is a virtual lifeline for many local residents.


As well as being the essential staging point for many Lanzaroteños as they visit their fincas in the countryside in the North of the island.

Los Moros

At the other end of town, as you briefly leave Arrieta and before you enter Punta Mujeres, is the restaurant El Lago. It serves excellent food, is usually extremely busy at Sunday lunchtime and is chiefly remembered for its interior 'lake', home to a number of fish and crabs.


Places To Stay In Arrieta

There are quite a few accommodation options in and around Arrietea.  Visit our rural villas pages to view a selection of places to stay.