Punta Mujeres

Get off the beaten track and discover the delights of Punta Mujeres. A classic, coastal village in the north of the island which many tourists bypass on their way to bigger name attractions – such as the nearby Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes.


General Information

Ask about pretty coastal villages in the north of the island and many people will immediately mention Arrieta, not least because of the excellent beach at Playa La Garita. But next-door neighbour Punta Mujeres has plenty to recommend it – including excellent restaurants and a series of attractive man made swimming pools and lagoons along its shoreline.


Natural swimming pool in Punta MujeresUnlike Arrieta, Punta Mujeres benefits from a good deal more protection from the rocky hills behind it, which are all old lava flows from Monte Corona, the biggest and oldest volcano on the island.

With your back to the sea, Monte Corona is very visible. As is all of the badland – or ‘malpais’ – the lava covered land surrounding the volcano. The tunnels which form the Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes were all created by the eruptions which emanated from here.

As a result Punta Mujeres also extends out onto a number of volcanic promontories and boasts numerous bathing pools and lagoons – which are cleverly protected from the tidal surges by giant breakwaters.

These pools come complete with the sort of stainless steel stairs and handrails you’d normally find in your local swimming baths. But unlike the average municipal pool – once the tide has turned, the sea comes crashing in over these manmade barriers creating great spumes and sprays. A real life wave machine in action. Which can be best enjoyed from the atmospheric little Bar Las Piscinas, which is located along the main sea front walkway, under some foxtail palms.

Pretty Fishing Village

Fisherman´s cottageMany locals have built their houses as close to the sea as possible – creating small alleyways and cul-de-sacs where homes (many of which are now owned by Northern Europeans) look out over the sea. One or two houses almost blend in and disappear altogether, as they are constructed of volcanic stone.

Unsurprisingly most of the houses in the village strain to make the most of the fantastic coastal view – however far back from the shoreline they may be located. So there are numerous pretty terraces and balconies – painted the traditional blue that once denoted the dwelling of local fishermen – providing a grandstand seat for the owners and occupants.

Further along the coastline the village reveals the remnants of an old gofio mill as well as a small muelle or harbour. A further echo of Punta Mujeres sea faring past.


Restaurants in Punta Mujeres

Punta Mujeres is a great place to stop off for a bite to eat when out sightseeing.

Bar La Piscina in Punta MujeresTowards the Arrieta end of the village lies the excellent El Lago – which offers very good quality food, friendly service and a truly unique USP in the form of an indoor fish pond (from which the restaurant takes its name – The Lagoon) that houses all manner of fish and lobsters. Providing something of a talking point and a great distraction for restless kids. Dine outdoors on the terrace during the day and enjoy great views out to the Atlantic also.

Venture into the back streets of the village and you’ll soon find the popular Palenkis – which offers an extensive menu and a South American atmosphere. From time to time the restaurant hosts live music and the owner is something of a boxing enthusiast – making this a good place to catch wind of any local bouts.

At the far end of the village, past the harbour and in the direction of the Jameos del Agua lies the restaurant Tres Lunas. Which serves good quality seafood along with some equally tasty views of the coastline.

Places To Stay in Punta Mujeres

Punta Mujeres makes a great holiday base for anyone keen to experience life in a traditional coastal village. But holiday lets are a little light on the ground since the Casitas del Mar – close to El Lago restaurant – fell into disrepair.

However it is possible to hire good quality accommodation in Punta Mujeres from Lanzarote Retreats – who can be contacted on 0034 826720 or 696 982 873 .