Playa Quemada

If you’re looking to experience Lanzarote as it used to be, the small coastal village of Playa Quemada — just south of Puerto Calero — could be exactly what you need.

Burnt Beach

Playa Quemada, which is literally translated as the Burnt Beach, is a small fishing village that truly represents Lanzarote as it was, until only a few years ago.

Where is it?

Located a few kilometres off the main road from Arrecife to Playa Blanca, it seems to have escaped the touristic developments of it’s coastal cousins mainly because it is so close to the luxury Puerto Calero Marina and the bustling resort of Puerto del Carmen.

The fact that it has remained undeveloped is somewhat strange in many other respects, as it has a very sheltered bay, protected from the prevailing winds and currents by the Punta Gorda.


The main thing that probably prevented the village developing along the lines of the major resort Puerto del Carmen, is the lack of a sandy beach.

In fact it is this black, rather rocky beach that gives Playa Quemada it’s Spanish name of ‘The Burnt Beach’.

So why should you go?

Although the beach is not of the Golden Sand variety, it is of a decent size and most importantly all but deserted, apart from a few locals.

The beach slopes gently into the sea; which is fairly calm and generally has no bad currents making it ideal for swimming.

In fact if you have children who would prefer rock-hopping and exploring to building sandcastles, while you soak up the sun, Playa Quemada could be the perfect place.


So what’s there?

In short, not a lot!

There are three restaurants; which, serve good fish and sea-food, a few houses, probably half-a-dozen caravans and that — to be honest — is about it.

How long Playa Quemada remains this way remains to be seen; as the Cabildo have recently replaced the rather insignificant turn off the main road to the village, by a glaringly obvious, well sign-posted roundabout.

If you’re looking for bright lights, amusement arcades and plenty of facilities, then this isn’t the place for you, the nearby resort of Puerto del Carmen would serve you better.

If, however, you want to soak up the sun, experience Lanzarote as it used to be, with few people and simply stunning scenery, then Playa Quemada could be just what you have been looking for.

Is there anything else to do?

Apart from the attraction of the sea and shore, there is some great walking around Playa Quemada, in fact it is quite an easy — but exhilarating — walk from Puerto Calero.

If you want to walk in this area, but would prefer a guide, we can arrange this for you. 

You are also only a few minutes from Lanzarote a Caballo, where you can experience the island from the back of a horse or camel.