Find out all you need to know about healthcare in Lanzarote.  The vast majority of holidays go without a hitch - but there are also measures you can take to ensure you enjoy a stress free break even if you do fall ill.

Medical Insurance

For those travelling with an existing medical condition, it is advisable to ensure that you arrange adequate cover either through the company you are travelling with or with your private health care insurers. Lanzarote has a number of private clinics and hospitals that can provide treatment under private health insurance policies, but it is best to check you will be covered in the event that you have to attend one of these centres during your visit.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire, Police or Ambulance Dial 112


Arrecife General

This is the main public hospital on the island and it is where accident victims will be taken, if they do not have private medical insurance. In order to attend this hospital, holiday makers will need to bring their EHIC with them. NOTE: if you are not accompanied by a Spanish speaker it is likely you will spend a lengthy amount of time at the hospital as there are no English speaking staff and generally, holiday makers are not prioritised. Telephone: 928 812 350

The British Surgery

Should you need to see a doctor whilst on holiday, the doctors at the British Surgery not only speak fluent English, but have also had experience of working in the NHS. They offer a twenty-four hour medical service across the island, have an ambulance service and can offer advice over the telephone as well. Freephone: 900 811 555


Do’s and Don’ts

The best way to ensure a trouble-free holiday:

Watch how much you drink – the vast majority of accidents that happen on holiday are caused by one too many drinks

Make sure to drink plenty of water – dehydration can make you feel unwell

It’s advisable not to drink the tap water in Lanzarote as it is desalinated and doesn’t taste very nice – bottled water is cheap and widely available

Use a high factor sun lotion – the sun is very strong here, although it may not feel as hot due to the cool breeze that comes off the Atlantic

Stay out of the sun during the peak hours between 12.00-14.00pm


Dental Emergencies

There are several English speaking dental surgeries on the island, which can usually offer emergency treatment. The British Dental Surgery is based in Tias and all staff speak fluent English. Telephone: 928 833 573