Cueva de Los Verdes

One of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world, the Cueva de Los Verdes has been protecting locals on Lanzarote for hundreds of years and more recently delighting visitors since it was opened to the public in 1964.

What is it?

The Cuevas de Los Verdes like the Jameos del Agua are part of a 6Km long lava tube which formed about 4,000 years ago when the Montaña La Corona erupted.

It forms one of the longest volcanic galleries in the world and is of great scientific interest.

Since 1964 a 2km pathway has been open which shows off the caves to their best effect after having been carefully transformed - if that is the right word - by Jesus Soto.

Unlike many tourist attractions, it is difficult to tell that there has been any human intervention in the cave structure. The main work has gone into an awesome lighting system which highlights the walls of the cave extraordinarily well.

Hiding from Pirates

Lanzarote has suffered attacks from pirates and raiders throughout its history; which is one of the reasons that the inland town of Teguise, used to be the capital of the island.

The Cuevas de los Verdes was an excellent place to hide for the local people, going as far back as the Guanches who were an aboriginal people who used to inhabit the Canary Islands.

In fact there is actually a chamber within the tunnel which is known as 'The Refuge', because it was so often used for shelter.

Hidden Secrets

As with many cave systems, the Cueva de los Verdes has its own optical illusions, which you will be shown on the guided tour; which is the only way to see the Green Caves.


Is it worth going?

It is definitely a site worth visiting, the beauty of the caves is amazing and it is certainly one of the most interesting volcanic structures on the island.

However it is a cave (a big cave) which is lit for effect rather than visibility and some people may find it claustrophobic. So if caves and underground places really really don't turn you on, you would probably be better visiting the Mirador del Rio.

As there aren't a lot of facilities at the Green Cave, you really need to combine it with a visit to the nearby Jameos del Agua.


Fact File

Admission: €8 adults, €4 children

Open: Daily 10.00 - 18.00