news from the island

Saturday November 10, 2007Features

Canary Connections :: Sir Francis Drake

Lanzarote has many links with famous names from British history, such as Shakespeare, Drake and Raleigh.

Friday October 19, 2007Features

Run Rabbit Run

It´s a common sight in the Lanzarote countryside as knots of hunters stalk their prey.

Saturday October 13, 2007Features

Table Talk :: El Chupadero

El Chupadero in La Geria is an island institution -both a cool spot for lunch and a hot spot come nightfall.

Tuesday August 28, 2007Features

Salty Stuff

Sea salt has a deep historical importance on Lanzarote.

Friday August 24, 2007Features

Black Gold

Unlike the other Canary Islands black sand beaches are actually few and far between on Lanzarote.