news from the island

Thursday October 21, 2010Features

Checking In :: Occidental Teguise Playa

The Occidental Grand Teguise Playa is a tough act to follow.

Friday May 28, 2010Features

César Manrique :: Wind Toys

César Manrique´s Wind Toys adorn many roundabouts on Lanzarote and are regarded as masterpieces of kinetic art.

Friday May 8, 2009Features

Discover Lanzarote´s Bodegas

Lanzarote's long history of viniculture has resulted in a rich diversity of Bodegas...

Wednesday April 29, 2009Features

Outer Spaces

César Manrique somehow found time to undertake projects across Spain, as well as Lanzarote.

Wednesday April 22, 2009Features

Lanzarote´s Green Oasis

El Bosquecillo may not be Sherwood Forest but its the closest Lanzarote gets to a wood.