The island of Lanzarote has rapidly emerged as a very popular dive destination and is earning a growing reputation as one of the most attractive sub-aquatic locations in the whole of Europe.

General Information

Little wonder really, as the same volcanic activity that has shaped the surface of Lanzarote has also had an enormous impact underwater, creating some incredible dive sites, characterized by dramatic rock formations.


Here, beneath the surface, lie lava rivers, caves and arches — the black volcanic rock contrasting sharply with intense white sand and clear blue water.

Add a couple of large reefs and a marine conservation site, stir in a shipwreck or two, finish with an abundance of exotic sea life and you have the recipe for a perfect diving holiday.

Museum Atlantico

And now, tourists can also explore the amazing new underwater Museum of the Atlantic located just off the coast of Playa Blanca. Just click here for more information.

Lanzarote also has the advantage of comfortable year round water temperatures, excellent underwater visibility and a diversity of dive sites to suit all levels. As a result, dive schools proliferate on the island.

Learning to dive is easy and relatively inexpensive. There are also many expert instructors and dive schools on the island at your disposal. So why not dive in? It may prove to be a real breath of fresh air.