Lanzarote Spas

If you are in need of a bit of deep relaxation then head for one of the growing number of spas on Lanzarote.

General Information

Many hotels now feature a spa as standard and thalassotherapy, or sea water treatment centres, are springing up all over the island.

This current wave of popularity is nothing new though. As seawater has been used for preventative and curative purposes for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans pioneered thalassotherapy treatments and social bathing was an important pastime, especially for the upper classes.

But we have a French cyclist to thank for the birth of the modern day spa.

Origins of Thelassotherapy

Louison Bobet, a champion cyclist, opened the first modern institute of seawater therapy in May 1964. After sustaining serious injuries in a car crash he was amazed by the restorative effects that regular bathing in the sea had upon his injuries.

The sea certainly has a naturally calming effect. And proponents of thalassotherapy also believe it promotes physical health. Seawater is rich in living microorganisms, proteins, minerals, vitamins and tiny algae. Which in turn contain trace elements such as zinc copper, iodine and selenium.

In total, there are more than 90 various components of seawater that are vital to the healthy human body. And in theory, the process of osmosis allows these components to penetrate the skin.

So a decent dip in the sea would probably also provide just as much health benefit. Just without the fluffy towels and calming music.

Either way, a visit to one of the islands spas can be a really relaxing and luxurious experience. And often admission is cheap in comparison to similar facilities in the UK.

Most spas also provide a wide range of additional treatments such as body wraps, massage and reflexology.


Spas in Costa Teguise

The Hotel Beatriz spa in Costa Teguise is an indoor facility themed loosely on the lines of a Roman Baths.

The two main pools feature what is described as HydroThermal Circuit of 23 individual jet treatments. All designed to stimulate and tone different parts of the body.

There’s a giant sized Jacuzzi and a separate area housing a hammam, two saunas, ice baths and tepidariums.

Additional treatments include an indulgent (and expensive) caviar refirming facial, body treatments such as mud wraps and exfoliation, pedicures, manicures and an extremely wide array of different massage treatments. Encompassing shiatsu, sotai and Tibetan.

Prices start from as little as just €12 for use of the main sea water treatment pools before midday.

For more information call: (0034) 928 826126.


Spas in Puerto del Carmen 

At the Jameos Playa in Puerto del Carmen, the spa has been stylishly created using matt grey basalt offset against ceramic tiles. The volcanic stone has been planed to create an ultra smooth surface to contrast against mosaic tiles in turquoise, blue and white. With minimalist decorative motifs, a modern and sleek environment has been devised as the backdrop for the Spa’s range of treatments. Open to guests of the hotel and visitors alike, it offers a range of beauty treatments and massages which cater for every taste.

Such as the Harmony package, which provides a variety of treatments spread across four days and including a honey skin-peeling and a Lemon-Lavender treatment, a facial, a massage and a Cleopatra body wrap. Designed to leave you feeling replenished from head to foot.

Individual therapies and treatments are also readily available, with the Aloe-Vera body wrap working as an excellent restorative for skin that has had too much sun. And for chocoholics, there is a Chocotherapy wrap which encompasses a massage and a wrap in cocoa derived ingredients.

The Finnish Biosauna, with its wooden shelf-seating, can be lit in a variety of enticing shades, from magenta to pale green. As leading exponents of sauna culture, Swedish and Finnish designs have the edge in this field, having learnt how to create ‘wooden rooms’ where the air can reach a humidity level of 50%. The word sauna is actually from the Finnish language. Combined with Turkish baths and a cooling plunge pool, the sauna provides another excellent way of relieving fatigued limbs. 

For more information call: 0034 928 511717


Spas in Puerto Calero

One of the newer spas on the island is Terma Europa, which is based at the Iberorstar Costa Calero Hotel in Puerto Calero. And as a result it is luxuriously appointed and in pristine condition.

The main treatment pool contains really powerful jet treatments and is partially outdoor. So you can swim through a small cascade and out into a great garden area where there are loads of loungers available for poolside relaxation.

One of the most popular features here is a Musiquarium – where you can lie back and listen to music underwater. Terma Europa also features a hammam and sauna and they offer a full array of massage and beauty treatments.

The only fault we could find with this place is the fact that it has become very popular very quickly. Which means it can get crowded at peak times such as weekends. The spa here also admits children, which may not be ideal for visitors seeking total peace and quiet.

For more information call: 0034 928 849582.


Spas in Matagorda

The new spa at the Beatriz Playa is the first in Matagorda – which is now fast evolving as a growing resort in its own right.

The main salon of the Spa consists of a hydrothermal circuit, with underwater jets, waterfalls, micro-bubble beds, swan’s neck jets, Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and power showers. All of which have been designed to massage the different muscle groups of the body, helping to eliminate those knots and aches caused by tension and stress.

The range of beauty treatments available is extensive. Facial treatments include an intense oxygenating anti-ageing treatment of the skin tissue, an anti-wrinkle collagen treatment that firms the skin with elastine and a purification procedure that opens and cleanses the pores. The facial treatments start at €51.

Body therapies cover tissue firming, restoring the body’s silhouette and improving circulation, with prices starting at €59. The body wraps come in a variety of flavours, including chocolate, algae, aloe vera and caviar. There is even a gold body wrap, specially designed for dry skin, at €52. The body peels are designed to rid the body of impurities and are followed by deep moisturising. These start at €30 for a body peel with lemon or cocoa.

For more information call: 0034 928 512166. 

Spas in Playa Blanca

The Thalasso Centre situated within the grounds of the H10 Rubicon Palace Hotel in Playa Blanca is another modern spa, in similar mould to Terma Europa at Costa Calero, if on a slightly smaller scale.

Here visitors can enjoy a hydrotherapy pool that offers twelve different power jet treatments as well as additional facilities such as Jacuzzis, saunas and Turkish baths.

Just like the spa at Costa Calero the treatment pool is partially outdoors, offering the chance to relax on a lounger in the garden after your treatment.

The Thalasso Centre also offers the usual range of beauty treatments, massages and wraps.

For more information call: 0034 928 518500 .