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Thursday February 12, 2015posted in News

Weather Latest – Cloudy Crap Continues

There's been just one decent sunny day in the North since we last posted about the weather here on Lanzarote...with more cloudy crap to come according to AEMET.

Tuesday February 10, 2015posted in Features

Insomnia Airways - Travel In The Twilight Zone

Airlines such as Ryanair, Monarch and Norwegian are currently offering a free night of sleep loss for travellers from the capital.....thanks!

Wednesday February 4, 2015posted in News

So What’s Happened To The Weather In Lanzarote?

A kinked Polar Jet Stream is apparently the root cause behind the current grey and cool weather here on Lanzarote....with more to come....

Wednesday January 28, 2015posted in News

Lanzarote Tourist Numbers Hit Record High in 2014

Lanzarote tourist arrivals soared to record levels in 2014, as nearly 2.4 million holidaymakers visited the island..

Friday January 23, 2015posted in News

20% Off Short Spring Break At Finca Natura

Book a five night Spring Break at one of Lanzarote´s premier rural retreats and enjoy a 20% dicsount.