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Wednesday August 23, 2017posted in News

SOUTHERN COMFORT New Beach For Playa Blanca

The popular resort of Playa Blanca could soon be boasting a brand new beach between Playa Dorada and Marina Rubicon,,,

Tuesday August 22, 2017posted in News

STRIKING OUT Tourist Centres Shut - Airport Strikes On Horizon

It´s turning into The Summer Of Strikes on Lanzarote - as the island´s visitor attractions stay shut whilst airport action is on the horizon....

Friday August 18, 2017posted in News

ALL OUT Strike Closes Lanzarote Tourist Attractions

Strike action has now closed all of Lanzarote´s main tourist attractions, with the sole exception of the Monumento al Camepsino....

Thursday August 17, 2017posted in News

FLY DRY Ryanair Propose Two Drink Passenger Limit

As pressure mounts in the UK to curb a 600% rise in alcohol related incidents since just 2012 Ryanair, the largest carrier of tourists to Lanzarote, has unveiled new proposals designed to address the issue.....

Wednesday August 16, 2017posted in News

AIR STRIKES Airport Action Threat From Mid-September

25 days worth of strike action could hit Lanzarote´s airport from September 15th onwards. As trades unions threaten a mass walkout next month....