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Tuesday September 19, 2017posted in News

CASH LANDING Ryanair´s €25m Cancellation Compensation

400,000 disgruntled passengers will be claiming up to 25 million euros worth of compenation from Ryanair after the carrier cancelled hundreds of flights....

Saturday September 16, 2017posted in News

AIR FARCE Ryanair Cancel Flights - So Their Staff Can Take Holidays

Ryanair are cancelling hundreds of flights at no more than 24 hours notice in order to accommodate more leave for their staff.....

Friday September 15, 2017posted in Events

WALK ON In Step With Lanzarote´s Largest Festival

Lanzarote´s largest festival steps out tomorrow as tens of thousands of pilgrims make the annual romeria to Mancha Blanca....

Tuesday September 12, 2017posted in News

LANGUAGE BARRIER Spanish Pilots Must Speak English

Spanish air traffic controllers and pilots using Lanzarote's airport will be forced to communicate in English only from October 12th onwards....

Tuesday September 12, 2017posted in News

HOLD UP Carry On Charging At Ryanair

Ryanair, the largest volume carrier of tourists to Lanzarote, will now be charging passengers who carry on luggage for storage in overhead lockers....