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Friday December 22, 2017posted in News

COLD TURKEY Brits Fly Festive Fowl To Canaries

A British couple took a whole cooked turkey wrapped in foil as hand luggage on their flight from the East Midlands to the Canary Islands .....

Thursday December 21, 2017posted in News

DO NOT DISTURB Who’s Cleaning Your Hotel Room This Xmas?

Trade Unions representing hotel cleaners and chambermaids plan strike action across the Canary Islands from Christmas Day onwards....

Tuesday December 19, 2017posted in News

ROCK BOTTOM Thefts Degrade Volcanic Region

Semi-precious stones, fossils and samples of volcanic rock are disappearing from Lanzarote’s volcanic region at an alarming rate....

Wednesday December 13, 2017posted in News

TOTAL WRECK Telamon To Be Raised In 2018

The shipwreck Telamon, one of Lanzarote´s more offbeat landmarks, is set to disappear from the shoreline in 2018....

Wednesday December 13, 2017posted in News

FAST FORWARD How Will Lanzarote Look In 2040?

Enlarged tourist resorts. Hotels in quiet rural villages such as Arrieta, Haria and Tiagua. Golf courses on rural land.....