news from the island

Tuesday January 10, 2017posted in News

NEW WAVE Europe´s First Underwater Museum Opens On Lanzarote

The Museo Atlantico - Europe´s first underwater museum - is now officially open to the public. ...

Thursday January 5, 2017posted in Events

CLASSIC CANARIES Curtain Up On International Music Festival

The 33rd edition of the Canary Islands International Music Festival gets underway this week....

Tuesday January 3, 2017posted in Events

ROCK ´N REYES Three Kings On A Roll

The Three Kings will be rolling across the island as well as rocking the capital on Dia del Reyes.....

Monday January 2, 2017posted in Events

BIG TOP Clowning Around In Haria

Malabharia, the International Festival of Circus Theatre, takes to the stage in Haria from today until January 4th....

Thursday December 15, 2016posted in News

FOBBED OFF Local Landmark Takes Extended Break

Fobos, the famous César Manrique wind toy in Tahiche, has been removed for extensive restoration...