news from the island

Wednesday November 2, 2016posted in News

BREAKIN´ OUT Modern Movements In Arrecife

A fusion of hip hop, acroabtics and contemporary dance takes centre stage in Arrecife this Friday...

Tuesday November 1, 2016posted in News

CAR TROUBLE Tourist Hire Cars Targeted Again

The local Guardia Civil are investigating another rash of robberies from tourist hire cars, this time in the Ye region of the island.....

Monday October 31, 2016posted in News

FOG HORN London Weather Disrupts Tourist Flights

Heavy fog in the London region is causing delays and disruptions to flights into and out of the capital this morning....

Thursday October 27, 2016posted in News

HEAVY WEATHER Storms Disrupt Tourist Flights

25 flights have been diverted to other islands over the last couple of days as storms hit Lanzarote....

Tuesday October 25, 2016posted in News

SPACED OUT Mars Astronauts In Training On Lanzarote

Three astronauts from the European Space Agency are currently undergoing training on Lanzarote for future missions to Mars.....