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Friday May 8, 2015posted in Events

Underground Sounds – Concerts At The Cave Continue This Weekend

The Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote return to the atmospheric underground environs of the Cueva de los Verde this weekend.....

Thursday May 7, 2015posted in News

Splash Down - Floating Water Park Opens In Puerto del Carmen

A new floating water park opens in Puerto del Carmen this weekend, but some locals are already branding it an eyesore....

Wednesday May 6, 2015posted in Features

Green Light – Cannabis Clubs Crop Up On Lanzarote

There are now hundreds of members-only Cannabis Clubs operating legally across Spain and Lanzarote is no exception to this growing trend....

Saturday May 2, 2015posted in News

Hello Sunshine – Canary Climate Back On Song

After the ‘worst winter in living memory™’ on Lanzarote the weather on the eastern most of the Canary Islands is now well and truly back on song..

Wednesday April 29, 2015posted in Events

Gabba Gabba Hey – Punk Rock Blitzkrieg Storms Lanzarote

Punk Rock legend Marky Ramone and his latest band Blitzkrieg will be performing live and for free tomorrow night at the Parque Islas Canarias in Arrecife...