news from the island

Wednesday May 22, 2013posted in News

Jet2 Up Winter Flights By 42%

British budget airline has confirmed that it will be increasing the number of flights from the UK to Lanzarote this Winter.

Friday May 17, 2013posted in News

Ironman Hits the Streets of Lanzarote

Tomorrow sees more than 1,800 athletes don their lycra sports wear for the 22nd Lanzarote Ironman competition.

Wednesday May 15, 2013posted in News

Lanzarote Provides The Inspiration For Porsche

Where did German luxury car makers Porsche decide to shoot their latest pomotional short to mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic 911?

Tuesday May 14, 2013posted in News

230 Plus Properties Denied Tourist Licences

Local authorities have just rejected applications for official tourist licences from over 230 villa and apartment owners....

Friday May 10, 2013posted in News

Over 3,500 Empty Houses on Lanzarote

A new study reveals that there are over 3,500 empty houses on Lanzarote that cannot be sold or rented.