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Tuesday January 31, 2012posted in News

Hotel Oasis Closes For Renovations

The hotel Occidental Oasis in Costa Teguise is about to close its doors for six months...

Monday January 30, 2012posted in Features

Stick 'Em Up

If you thought that martial arts were just the sole preserve of Bruce Lee and Shaolin monks then think again.....

Monday January 30, 2012posted in News

Ryanair Threaten To Cut Canary Island Routes

The budget airline Ryanair has threatened to cut some of its existing routes to the Canary Islands...

Thursday January 26, 2012posted in News

Fernando Alonso Arrives on Lanzarote

The Spanish Formula 1 team of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa arrived on Lanzarote yesterday.

Wednesday January 25, 2012posted in News

Beaches Closed By Jellyfish Swarms

Once again a swarm of jellyfish has caused the closure of beaches, as the north of the island..