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Friday May 13, 2011posted in News

April Tourist Arrivals Rise By 57%

The recent crisis in the Middle East and the Easter break created a 57.43% rise in foreign tourism...

Thursday May 12, 2011posted in News

Ryanair Add Winter Flights From Leeds - Bradford

Tourists based in Yorkshire will now be able to book Ryanair flights to Lanzarote...

Wednesday May 11, 2011posted in News

Arrecife Marina Out To Tender Again

The scheme to create a new sports marina in Port Naos, Arrecife egded forward again yesterday.

Tuesday May 10, 2011posted in Events

Classical Piano Concerts At Tourist Centres

The classical pianist Michel Wagemans can be seen in concert this Friday and Saturday....

Monday May 9, 2011posted in News

German Tourist Arrivals Rise Again in March

German tourist arrivals soared by 57% during March, according to ISTAC....