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Monday April 28, 2008posted in Features

Lager, Lager, Lager

Thinking of sinking a few? What are the local lagers like on Lanzarote?

Monday April 21, 2008posted in Features

Canary Connections :: William Shakespeare

Some of the most famous figures in English history have a close connection with the Canary Islands.

Monday April 14, 2008posted in Features

César's Army :: Working With Manrique

César Manrique was aided and supported by a number of important collaborators.

Monday March 24, 2008posted in Features

Checking In :: Tall Storey

The Gran Hotel is one of the most inescapable landmarks on Lanzarote.

Friday January 18, 2008posted in Features

Exploring El Grifo

The El Grifo Wine Museum gives tourists a real taste of island history.