news from the island

Tuesday August 28, 2007posted in Features

Salty Stuff

Sea salt has a deep historical importance on Lanzarote.

Friday August 24, 2007posted in Features

Black Gold

Unlike the other Canary Islands black sand beaches are actually few and far between on Lanzarote.

Tuesday August 21, 2007posted in Features

Aloe Aloe Aloe

Aloe Vera grows fantastically well on Lanzarote and could be just the job if you need to soothe that sunburn.

Wednesday April 11, 2007posted in Features

Into The Valleys

The north of the island is home to two green and verdant valleys that are the ideal antidote to the aridity of the south.

Sunday April 8, 2007posted in Features

Trading Places

How did the Lanzaroteños make a living before the advent of mass-market tourism in the 1970`s?