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Tuesday November 15, 2016posted in News

HIGHER PLANE October Arrivals Up By 11.49%

Foreign tourist arrivals soared by 11.49% last month and are now up by 9.45% for the year to date.....

Wednesday November 9, 2016posted in News

GREAT ESCAPE UK Flights To Canaries Up 23% This Winter

Lanzarote will be welcoming more flights from the UK than any other Canary Island this winter, with the exception of Tenerife....

Wednesday November 9, 2016posted in Events

ALL THAT JAZZ Canaries Orchestra Celebrates 11th Anniversary

The Canarian Jazz Orchestra will be marking their 11th anniversary this coming Saturday.....

Tuesday November 8, 2016posted in News

ROUGH RIDE Four Injured On Turbulent Aer Lingus Flight

Four people sustained injuries after a flight from Cork to Lanzarote was hit by severe turbulence on Saturday.....

Wednesday November 2, 2016posted in News

BREAKIN´ OUT Modern Movements In Arrecife

A fusion of hip hop, acroabtics and contemporary dance takes centre stage in Arrecife this Friday...